Wyalba is the river red gum.  Iconic in Australia’s history.  Providing shade along creek beds for weary travellers.   Its deep roots keeping our waterways alive.  Railway lines built upon its timber.  Creating homes for native wildlife in hollowed branches.

Strong, fragrant, versatile and striking.

Wyalba natural perfumes will transport you to distinctive places and experiences in this wide brown land - from the wild coastline to the cities with vibrant rambling gardens, through deep cool water holes and fire-scarred forests to the vast open plains and hot dry desert landscapes.

Formulated by Australian artisan perfumer Samuel Gravan, an expert in natural scents, in collaboration with Belinda Everingham, founder of BONDI WASH.

Hand made in Sydney using only natural ingredients.  Natural fragrances have been used for thousands of years with proven effects on mood and feeling.